Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Embroidery Or Leather Patches

What are the embroidered and leather patches used for?

Biker patches are a tradition that has been around for about as long as we have been riding motorcycles. Biker patches are not only used to identify members of motorcycle clubs and biker gangs, but also as an everyday method of self-expression.

Do I have to follow any guidelines about where I can wear my biker patches on my leather vest, I’m not in a club?

You do not have to have a leather vest and ride a motorcycle to rock the embroidered patches. Any individual can iron-on patches or sew-on patches to their clothing, school bags, travel-luggage, jeans, jackets or anywhere you wish.

What kind of patch designs are most popular?

We try to offer the widest selection of patches. Patches are a way of self-expression, and whatever your prides, interests and beliefs are, we are sure to have patches to support them. Whether is be your nationality, religion, political views, military history or just one-liners and sayings you like, we have the patches for that subject.

Online Orders

Do I have to order online, I would rather talk to a person?

Our customers are not limited to ordering our products online. We accept orders by phone and by email.

  1. Click here to learn more about ordering online
  2. Click here to learn more about ordering over the phone
  3. Click here to learn more about ordering by email

How much does shipping cost, and how long does it take to receive an order?

We offer several shipping methods, for more information about or Shipping Policy, rates and delivery times, please click here.

I don’t live in the United States, do you ship to other countries?

Patchstop is proud to ship worldwide. For more information about International Shipping, please Contact Us.


I ordered too many of something, can I return things for a refund?

Your satisfaction is our priority, therefore we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. For more information on how to return or exchange an item you ordered, please Contact Us for information on our Return Policy.

You do not have the patch I am looking for, can I order a custom patch design?

Yes, Papa Patches can create custom ordered patches. Please Click Here for more information and to Request A Quote!

Iron-on Or Sewn-on

Can biker patches be ironed on to any materials or should they be sewn-on?

Our motorcycle patches come with heat-activated adhesive backings to allow you to iron on patches to shirts, jackets and more. If sew on application is preferred, all iron on patches have an embroidered outer border, so it’s easy for anyone to sew on patches and can be done to any and all materials!


Biker patches can be ironed to most durable fabrics such as cotton, canvas, and denim. Delicate fabrics such as silk, nylon or any materials containing elastic require you to sew on patches. Please, DO NOT iron on patches to any leather surfaces. We recommend everyone to sew on patches rather than iron on patches for a longer lasting, more permanent application. Please note that Harley Davidson motorcycle patches are for sew on application only. Harley patches are not iron on patches.

How do I iron on patches to my jacket?

For iron on application, please follow these simple instructions:

    • Set your household iron to 400° F
    • Thoroughly iron area of garment where your patch will be applied
    • Place your patch on the garment, embroidery face up!
    • Place a cloth or a light towel over the patch, and using a slow constant circular motion, press iron firmly over the patch for 30 seconds
    • You can additionally turn the garment inside out and repeat the last step, pressing the iron over the back side of the patch
    • Let the garment and patch cool. After cooling, if the edges of the patch can be lifted off the material, repeat step 5 until securely applied
    • Optional: Sew patch to fabric along the outer border for permanent application
Frequently Asked Questions

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