Mastering the art of Small Lettering Digitizing

Mastering the art of Small Lettering Digitizing

In this post, We will try our best to explain the techniques to digitize small letters for best results. There is no one rule when it comes to digitizing small letters as every fabric will sew out different.

Try to maintain a minimum stitch length so your machine is able to sew the letters out, no more than 1 mm, When sewing on Pique you may be able to get away with a stitch length of .8mm but you must use a sharp needle.

When digitizing small letters do not use the underlay within the properties as it will cause undesirable results on your letters, When manually digitizing small letters you will want to pay special attention to the corners, unlike a regular text you don’t want too many stitches around the corners, When digitizing small letters, you may run into situations where the stitches will be too long for the design of the letters, at these times you may want to change the angle of the stitches so you can make sure that the stitches are minimum 1mm in length.

The smaller the needle, the smaller the letter can be.

The thinner the thread, the smaller the letter can be.

You can create a smaller letter with a simple running stitch than with a column stitch.

A column stitch is still a column stitch, even when you use it in a letter.

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