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Need to know your limits!

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Limits ! Limits ! Limits !

Everything got a limit from speed on the road to amount you want to use for vacation actually limits are something that makes us feel humans. And there are ways we can take care of them and sometimes we have to comply with them, the same goes for the embroidery too. Today we will only talking about the limits in sizing of the logos we come across in our work everyday, for example we are limited on the sizes of the logos for particular apparel, let’s start with the caps they are cylindrical apparel and difficult to work with but anyways the main part we normally use of a cap for embroidery is the front one or two front main panels depending on the type of the caps as we know there are 2 types of caps panel wise 5 panel and 6 panel. That area is workable to 5.5” wide to 2.5” tall but sometimes we cant go more than 2.25” tall or 2.10” tall as these limitation comes with the caps being low profile or machines limitation of not able to do caps more then 2.10” tall (some older machines cant do that) .

Now the 2nd biggest area we can play around is the sides of the caps and they normally vary from size of the caps to types of the caps, according to my experience i normally found side of caps at 3.5” wide and that gives us maximum aread of 3.25” wide and around 2” in height. But remember we got to keep them small and visible as possible so try not to use the whole area and make the caps look too busy with logos and messages that you want to show around.


Hey remember that these sizes may vary from caps type and profiles. So we have to be smart enough to make a decision how to fit the message or your logo in the area you have but for general idea it is between 3 to 3.25” wide and 2” tall.

Yep I know what you are thinking back of the caps oh my God the worst place on a cap. We are too limited on that area normally if we have a back opening caps then we are limited to either put a line of text or small tiny symbols and sometime we can take stuff to 1.5” tall as well but i won’t recommend that that will make the caps look more crowded and may make your message lose its grip which we or your client can’t afford

But on the other hand, if you got a flexfit or no opening in the back you are lucky and you got a lot of room to play around even better as it does not have that bothering wiser that moves with the machine. Here we can make it 4” wide and 2.25” tall max but as it is a less visible part of the cap i will again ask you to go smaller the possible.

Beanies cap my favorite apparel to work with haha you can go and make as big as your caps are. you can literally make a 360 design on that and you can go up to 4” tall on the beanies caps, but wait a second that fabric is mushy and loose and wobbly so better tell your digitizer so he can do something about that as the whole approach to digitizing changes when it comes to beanies. I hope that is all for today in the part -2 we will talk about the other size limitation we may come across.

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