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Why the Hell my Puff design is so Messy!

Why the Hell my Puff design is so Messy!

Oh, God! It is toothy, it is messy, it is popping puff all over, I see too much of the puff peaking through, that is why I don’t do it!

I know I know every one of you gets scared when it comes to puff embroidery does not matter what the apparel is but it is always been a night mate for our embroidery community and the people who know how to tackle it are making a good amount of money, and getting all the things done on time and without hassle. The main issue that we face is the puff designs are toothy or messy looking which happens most of the time because of the density in the logo, as we all know that the puff design takes in more stitches than usual and that is almost double what we have for simple designs. That can be taken care of by asking your beloved digitizer to increase the density of the logo to a level where the logo started looking good,

And the 2nd reason can be the digitizer is not too experienced and using some sort of underlay which is not needed as we normally use the run on the edge to define the tear away points to the design or manually drawn run stitches to hold the puff on its place then we can see the messy work too. If there is the right amount of density and correct and appropriate underlay then the quality of the puff plays a role so I advise you to always buy a softer and embroidable puff from a legit and authentic supplier and don’t spend your hard-earned money on the fake and unusable products.

Now if you got everything in the correct manner and you still can’t get it right then don’t even worry about it. Okay if all thing is good and you still see the puff popping out then you need a GUN, wait! Wait!, you don’t need a gun to shoot your design or apparel with but you need one that throughs heat instead of bullets. Yes, you need a heat gun like you see if blow image,
As you know the puff is made out of polyester and they tend to burn out if the heat is applied so what you can do take your heat gun from the warehouse or local home depot shop and apply heat gently and slowly to the puff popping designs you will be amazed to see them vanish in no time.use the mothing of the heat gun in a left to right and right to left motion.

But be cautious if you get too close to the design it might burn your threads and puff that is not even popping I would day stay like 3-4 inches away from the design, even if you are too lazy like me and don’t want to go to the home depot or don’t want to talk to the warehouse manager, in any case, you can take care of it by using dear old “Hair Dryer” yes the old hairdryer which you think cant do much use it to your benefit and use this as heat gun you might have to move that a little less you might have to get it close to the design as it throughs less heat then the heat gun but with a little practice you will master it,

I hope you will be more knowledgeable and expert in the puff and won’t be scared of it now. Let’s go puffy now 

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